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“Omar Garza has been my personal trainer for over two years. He has kept me motivated the entire time. Working out with Omar is never boring or routine. Omar keeps things challenging and fun. He is very knowledgeable and professional. Weights, bands, weighted balls, valslides, and boxing gloves are all a part of the workouts. He often includes elements form kickboxing and yoga to keep things interesting. I look and feel better since training with Omar and have alot more energy and strength. I am a 48 year old woman who lacks self-motivation and discipline. Since hiring Omar as my personal trainer, I work out 5 days a week unless I am out of town. That's really saying something!” -Robin Gelfer Pierce “Omar Garza is an amazing trainer. I have read 10 books on bodybuilding (including the Weider Encyclopedia on Bodybuilding), and my knowledge is still lacking when it comes to burning fat, abs, and legs. Omar Garza's knowledge is as comprehensive, and cutting edge as possible. He can achieve more with my own body weight in one hour, than I can with weights in an hour and a half. Physically Omar Garza is ideally built. He is built exactly the way I want to be, and he has the knowledge to transform my body to look like his.” -Daniel Witte “When I first started I came with a low self esteem and now that I'm about to complete my first month of work out I have felt the difference with every week every single day I'm motivated by my trainer and I always come with alot of energy and with more reasons to come work out cause you really do feel the difference within the second day you come.
Thanks Omar!
You rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
-Kike “Training with Omar has helped me increase my energy. I would be out of breath just by tying my shoe laces. Running was not an option and keeping up with my 10 year old son was getting harder and harder. With Omar he was able to train me according to my body, my schedule, and create a routine that was perfect for me. He taught me how to eat healthy and by doing so I was able to lose some pounds, increase my metabolism and I had all this energy that was being generated as each day passed. Thank you Omar for pushing me into doing what I should of done many years ago!!!” -Aurora Lozano “Excelente servicio, La preparacion y profesionalismo de Omar hacen una diferencia del resto de los entrenadores de la region, realmente ves resultados, y lo mejor en un ambiente fuera de distracciones,enfocado solamente en el acondicionamiento fisico; definitivamente es una buena inversion!” -Marco “If you really need to lose and maintain weight, you need to go to him. I've been to local gyms and tried their programs and I haven't been as satisfied. I started seeing results within the week.” -Hilda Ramirez “When I first went to Omar, I was weighing 220 pounds; I was horribly out of shape and coming off the lowest point in my life thus far. We talked about a lot of things: my problems, my weight, and what I wanted. I went in there determined to get in shape and Omar was there to push me towards it. During my first week there, Omar gave me tips on what and when to eat. With the exercise and my diet in hand, I was able to lose ten pounds in the first month. I was excited. After the second month, I lost another ten. I was determined to get under 200 pounds. We just finished the third month, and I can say I'm under 200 now (197 to be exact). The last time I weighed this much was probably when I was twelve. Omar has helped me find myself. I've become happier with the person that I am and I've gained a whole lot of confidence. I'm in the best shape of my life and I'm still not done. Omar not only is my personal trainer, but he's also my friend. I can talk to him about my problems and we'll get rid of any stress I have built up. Thanks to him, I can do anything I want.” -Ricky Parra “Great trainer, he pushes you, keeps you together and he motivates you to get the results you want. I saw results in a month.” -Claudia Martinez “He's a very good trainer, very caring, focuses not only on building muscle but focus on everything. Nutrition, eating habits, sleeping, the entire package. He focuses on the goals, to what you want to achieve.” -George Gilbert “Very positive, very comfortable to work with, he's honest and tells you how it is. Sets realistic goals. Very respectful and won't promise what he can't do.” -Jessica Fierros “He is a very conscientious trainer, and he trains you in a matter where you can do more. He loves what he does, and that's the key to everything. Learns more and incorporates new ideas and techniques depending on his clients.” -Judith salinas “Very dedicated and very professional, and intensive. Lost 10 pounds working with Omar.” -Manuel Guajardo “The one-on-one attention that is given by Omar to your training session gives you that extra motivation because he is interested in helping you achieve your goals whatever they may be. The training has changed my life in a positive way and because of that I live a healthier life style.” -Christina Flores